Um Kontra Nordic

Kontra býður upp á sérhæfða ráðgjöf um framsetningu samþættra upplýsinga sem veita skal í skýrslu stjórnar í ársreikninig og stjórn skal staðfesta um árangur, megináhættu og sjálfbærni í starfsemi félaga.  Kontra býður einnig upp á ráðgjöf við uppbygginu þeirra stjórnarhátta sem að baki þessum upplýsingum skal liggja og óháða staðfestingu þeirra upplýsinga sem stjórn skal fjalla um og staðfesta.

Kontra Nordic er í farabroddi þekkingaruppbyggingar hér á landi á þessu sviði. Mikil þróun er hér á alþjóðavísu og þá ekki síst tengt áherslu á samþætt reikningsskil og ytri staðfestinga sjálfbærniupplýsinga í samþættum ársreikningi stærri félaga.


The story of Kontra Nordic.

Kontra Nordic is founded in 2015 after Sigurjon Geirson, the founder, identified a gap in the Nordic markets for financial advisory services due to the changing nature of the investment decision process and governance. He has previously worked in Financial Advisory at EY and PwC within the financial sector where he has advised the largest banks, insurance companies and money managers in the Nordic region. He is a member of the Financial Accounts Advisory Committee in Iceland, committee member of the Good Governance Professional Group at Stjórnvísi and lecturer in Finance and Accounting at the University of Iceland. Sigurjón has also held senior positions at the Financial Regulator (FME) and the commercial bank Landsbanki in Iceland. As one of the bank liquidators during the financial crisis in 2008/9, he was responsible for the recapitalization and foreign currency financing of the banking sector.


Expert Advisor – Governance, reporting and corporate finance

Simon is an Aviation industry expert, with a deep understanding and significant experience in how to invest in, develop and manage international airport assets. In the past 12 years he was involved in major M&A activities of Royal Schiphol Group (RSG) and its group financing activities. Before joining RSG, Simon worked in a Corporate Treasury & Investor Relations function with a Dutch listed global IT firm active in more than 35 countries. Before, he was working for 7 years in the investment banking industry for both UBS and ABN AMRO. Simon is an Executive Master of Finance & Control with a post-doc Master of Science degree and is a Registered Controller (RC) in the Netherlands.

Sigurður Ólafsson

Senior manager

Sigurður is a business graduate from the University of Iceland and an MBA in Business Economics from the Rotterdam School of Management. He has worked in human resources at Icelandair, Nýherji and Vátryggingafélagur Íslands and as Managing Director of Calidris ehf. and Vord Íslandstryggingar hf. Sigurður was appointed Managing Director of Keflavik Airport Ltd. in 2009, but since the establishment of Isavia in 2010, he has been the head of human resources, most recently the Director of Human Resources and Performance since 2013.

Jake Block

Expert Advisor – Corporate finance

Jake focuses on corporate finance engagements with Kontra. He has previously worked in equity capital markets, private wealth and investment banking positions over his 20+ year career. This has included work in M&A advisory roles at Banc of America Securities, Credit Suisse and Schroders. Most recently Jake had been working as a Private Banker in Deutsche Bank Wealth Management’s San Francisco office, providing financial solutions to ultra-high-net-worth individuals. Prior to that Jake was a European Equity Specialist at Nomura Securities.

Jeffrey Sussman

Managing Director

Jeff is responsible for Kontra’s corporate finance practice. He has managed engagements for European corporates seeking to raise debt and equity capital from the US private markets and manages Kontra’s relationship with NY-based private equity firm Silver Swan Capital. Jeff has raised several billion dollars in debt and equity financing over his career in both advisory and treasury capacities. Previously he worked at Deloitte Financial Advisory in Zürich where he was an advisor to major Swiss banks, Fitch Ratings in New York as a credit analyst and Fredell & Co Structured Finance, structuring and arranging debt capital markets financing for banks and corporates.

Ágúst Arnórsson

Expert Advisor – valuation

Ágúst is an expert in financial, economic, and statistical modelling and valuation. He has worked on various analytical and valuation engagements in order to support official decision making processes in public finance and labour economics. Ágúst has collaborated with the leading economic academic in Iceland, Gylfi Zoëga, on a political economic research project and has co-authored numerous academic articles with him. He is also a part-time lecturer in international economics, macroeconomics and quantitative methods at the University of Iceland and the University of Reykjavik.

Ásgeir Brynjar Torfason


Ásgeir Brynjar is a well known and highly regarded public commentator and lecturer on financial and economic matters within the Nordic region. He currently sits as a member of the Fiscal Council, having been elected by Parliament and appointed by the Minister of Finance to serve in the first Fiscal Council in Iceland, and on the Audit Committee of Gildi pension fund. Most recently Ásgeir had been teaching Financial Statement Analysis, Finance, Accounting Theory and Cash Flow in Banks at the University of Iceland as an Assistant Professor. Previously he was an asset manager at Prologis, where he was responsible for building up its operations in the Nordic countries and presiding over a three-fold increase in the firm’s real estate asset holdings.

Samþætt upplýsingagjöf
Ábyrgir stjórnarhættir

Í upphafi skal endinn skoða

Kontra býður upp á sérhæfða ráðgjöf á sviði óvissu og áhættugreininga og uppbyggingu burðarvirkis ábyrgra stjórnarhátta fyrir framsetningu árangurs og tengt samfélagsábyrgðar fyrirtækja. Kontra býður einnig upp á óháða staðfestingu þeirra upplýsinga stjórnenda sem stjórn skal staðfesta í ársreikningi.

Kontra Nordic er í farabroddi þekkingaruppbyggingar hér á landi á þessu en mikil þróun er hér á alþjóðavísu og þá ekki síst tengt áherslu á samþætt reikningsskil.

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